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. bill clinton does not seem impressed with president obama. >> if you like your health care plan, you keep your plan. >> you keep your health care plan. keep, keep, keep. >> you can keep your plan. >> the president should honor his commitment made to those people and let them keep what they've got. >> i'm inclined to agree with bill clinton. >> the president apologized. he said clearly he was sorry that he misled people. >> we are better off with this law than without. >> it i think the president was grossly mislead to the american public. >> he knew what was going on. he knew people were going to have their policies canceled. >> i said it because i believed it. now i know i should have added for 98% of american people that's exactly true. for the other other 2% in the individual market there is frequent changes in policies and it should have been clarified. >> the president, as you know, pledged to ask his team to look at essential actions that could be taken to address this problem. >> this thing was destined to fail. >> now that's right. former president dick cheney sa -- former vi
friend, greta van susteren. we were just fivest hours away e from thed obama care deadline d day. but just moments ago, fox news . confirmed the website will be m. down for maintenance starting at an 9:00 p.m. eastern until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.use that means we will not see any g launch at midnight. in the past few days the white lowering the bar gressman ahead of the fix deadline. but how low can they go? former congressman alan west joins us now. no time like the present to ng bring you in for breaking news tonight. lower the bar even further. what is going on? >> well, i think this is ♪ p incredible. first of r all, they should not have put their own set mandate,n because now everyone is take 5 watching. for them to continually come be back and say we can only take 50,000 or as you just reported,r it's going to be down, this is eroding the confidence and it'sg credibility of the obama ve goi administration and president and the political ramifications it's going to have is going to be absolutely chilling, because they can't explain this away anymore. we re
. >>> flippant or compassionate? what do you expect from your president? here is president obama. >> so if you are getting one of these letters, just shop around in the new marketplace. that's what it's for. >> so what are you getting? flippant or compassionate? here is what rush limbaugh thinks obama was about flippant about them losing their policies, doctors or whether or not they could afford health insurance. they didn't yet know that obama had told the biggest and the most consequential lie of any president in recent years he doesn't care about the details of it not working the only thing he cares about is it's not derailed or defunded he doesn't care what kathleen sebelius is doing. he doesn't care. >> his numbers are down to lowest ever 42%. according to the nbc "wall street journal" poll. is the obama administration losing credibility? former senior advisor president reagan pat buchanan joining us. nice to see you, pat. >> good to see you, greta. >> flippant or does he care? >> he is arrogant. the president of the united states unbelievably. he deliberately mislead, deceived the ameri
their policies canceled. second question, what does it do for president obama politically. third, about those in the 2014 midterm democrats. so let's start first with the substance of what president obama said today. what do you think? >> this does little or nothing for people who have had their plans canceled. these plans have gone away. these companies have spent several years preparing themselves to bring all of their plans in to compliance with the requirements of the affordable care act. and these plans were not compliant and were canceled. what company will bring back a plan knowing it has one year and then it will have to cancel it again. this is all about politics. state insurance commissioners get it. we've had the washington insurance state commissioner say we're not going to do this. it's not clear what authority the president has to do this. so what it will do for people is action or nothing. these plans are gone and few of them will come back. >> i raised the question the president's authority. for all the law students out there, 1952 case which probably the case we'll all be tal
goes on the record riling now. >>> strikes again. >> obama care was a mistake. i don't think obama care has failed. >> the more we hear about the technical problems concerning the website, the more it looks as if it's going to take quite a while and this website will never be quite right. >> we don't care if the website gets up and running, it's just going to prove to be an invitation to find out more problems as to obama care as a whole. >> the next ticking time bomb, increased costs for anyone who gets their health insurance through their employer. >> small business plans are being just denied an cancelled. >> the real problem with obama care is not that the website isn't working, it's frankly that the affordable care act is working just as it was designed. >> the rollout itself and a malfunctioning website isn't the problem, obama care itself is the problem. >> we're seeing costs go up, we're seeing millions of americans lose the insurance that they like. >> hello, everyone, i'm dana perino. the obama care deadline to fix, it will operate much better
in this product, obama care. and they realize they've got to get the website fixed. but once they do, they believe it will work. there's new questions about what they knew and when they knew it. >> i got this e-mail or this copy of the screen shot attached to the e-mail that was going on which you sent me that says the system is down at the moment. you know what's the most shocking thing to me, this whole thing is what they were worried about was not, they mentioned nothing about the consumers trying to get on the website, what they were worried about is the media ramping up the hyperbole about the government's website not being functional. no mention about the american people getting access. >> you're right. we should know in fairness that we don't have the other e-mails. there are undoubtedly more documents that are to come out in the days ahead. but, you're right that part of this e-mail does show how worried they were one week before the rollout about the media jumping on people being unable to get on. if there's one thing they got right, it's that. they knew the media would jump on this if it
again. >> i don't think obama care is failing. access has been a failure a this point in time. >> the more it looks as if it's going to take quite a while. this website may never be quite right. >> it needs to be fixed. >> the next ticking time bomb. increased costs for anyone that gets health care through their employer. >> the real problem with obama care is not that the website isn't working. it's frankly that the affordable care act is working just as it was designed. >> the roll out and a malfunctioning website isn't the problem. obama care, itself, is the problem. >> we're seeing costs go up. we're seeing millions of americans lose the insurance that they like. >> hello, everyone, i'm dana perino. the obama care deadline to fix, it will operate much better than it did in october. much better. that's it? former senior adviser to president reagan joins us. sir, what do you think is going to happen on november 30th? is this going to be another missed deadline for >> this is getting very redundant, dana. but more important than that, i agree wi
for coming. give yourselves a big hand. that is the time >>> new information about that delay in obama care deadline, but is someone trying to pull a fast one on you? what no one else is telling you. >> it's not surprising they want to move as much as they can after the next election. they're doing everything they can to run away from obama care. >> republican chuck grassley says you're doing that so that it starts after the midterm elections, it's politics. >> the fact is we're doing this because it makes sense for insurers to have as clear a sense of the pool of people they gain this year before setting rates for next year. >> for them to delay from a couple of weeks before the election to a couple of weeks after the election to me is just a naked effort. people are going to see right through this. >> because the website has had troubles, we expect more people to enroll later and insurers will need additional time. >> the wheels are falling off. this thing isn't working. >> everybody who enrolls as mandated by the law next year is going to be faced with skyrocketing premiums. obama does n
million private insurance policies, roughly. now, 90 million of them are not subject to obama care. this may surprise you. a self-funded insurance plan, which is roughly 62% of the group market and growing -- that number is growing -- those people are not covered by obama care. so they're not subject to medical loss ratio, all of the things that drive up the cost of the premiums. that's why the obama administration is going to be worried about these people. but that leaves about 78 million people who are in a group plan that is subject to obama care, it's not a self-funded plan, or in the individual market. so 15 million people are going to lose their coverage, that's 20% of the people in the private insurance market who are -- those are 20% of the policies in the private insurance market that are subject to obama care. american action network economist said it will be roughly 35 million or 45% of the policies that are in the -- that are subject to obama care. so, look, this is a bunch of people who got coverage today who will lose their coverage, or have already lost their coverag
alert. new evidence that the obama administration hadte fears abou the >> these documents released by v the house energy and commerce committee, the gop panel that had oversight over obama care when it was snaking its way we through the congress. among those on the sending and receiving ends of some of these e-mails were henry chao, the project manager for the websitel and also todd park, the chief technology officer at the whitea house. on one e-mail, sent on september 26 of this year and received by, henry chao among others, an official described how quote, oe wednesday, 9/25, the test finished with a lot of errors. the individual app, and w everything started failing. he went on later in the wednesday evening we ran two more cycles of testing. c neither was successful. the next day chao wrote to staff in all caps, i do not want a repeat of what happened when had a this is to get your attention it i didn't have it already. and just three days after that, todd park, again, with the whits house, e mailed his team, massive k
the healthcare web site was a disaster, president obama took to the rose garden. he said to get obama care try the phone or paper applications didn't anyone tell him that was really bad advise. current colleague my former colleague jonathan karl giving the press secretary a grilling today. >> yeah, it was something else. and specifically on this, we saw an internal memo from the white house that said that they knew this was an issue. they knew that sending people to the telephones or to an inperson call center working with the navigator would still put you through the same bottleneck. everyone according to this memo. everyone is in the same queue e. whether it's on the phone or web site. >> if you want to apply for obama care you can go on the web site theoretically, fill out an application or on the phone but all the information goes to one hub and that one hub determines whether you are eligible for subsidy, for instance. that is the one hub, as far as we can tell that is not working effectively. you are lined up in that could you e? >> that is the still broken web site. the only way to obta
be canceled because they didn't meet the requirements of obama care that would go into the exchange so people theoretically can access the exchange and choose them, do the insurance companies -- are these more expensive for the insurance companies or do they make more money with them or less money or be magnanimous and decide to offer them back? >> these are policies that will be sold outside the exchange. the policies in the exchange will still comply with the affordable care act requirements and essential health benefits. these are policies that would be outside the exchange not eligible for tax credits. would still have the benefits that don't meet the essential health benefit requirement. in most case, they were canceled because they were less generous, let's say, with the benefits than the affordable care act requires. so they may still be priced at a favorable rate for the -- for these individuals. the concern that we have from a regulator standpoint is the folks that want these policies are people that are younger and healthier. those are the folks you heard that frequently said they w
is following the money. our investigation is just minutes away, but, first, did president obama know any of this seven months ago? >> the bottom line is this report lays out the task that was going on. but, these -- all of this information was known within the white house. >> the president was briefed as early as march and yet as early as march all the way up to the president at least knew there were problems. why wasn't that followed up on. >> they were followed up on as i said. we are in the breaking news business. turns out today we learned the web site did not launch. >> the administration was on track. on track for disaster. stubbornly they stayed the course, repeating their claims this was all right until the mess that launched on october 1. >> we have heard it wasn't designed for that many people it didn't pass the stress test. it didn't have end-to-end testing and you are saying it was 100% ready? i want to make sure i understand. >> it was 100% built. >> not working. >> working functionally. >> then it's not built. if a car is built, but you can't run the car, the car is not bui
the health care website was a disaster o president obama took to the rose garden and he said to getet obamacare try the phone or paper applications. didn't anyone tell him that was really bad advice? abc news political director rick klein joins us. your current colleague and mygii former colleague giving the. press secretary a grilling today. >> it was something else. specifically on this, we sawmo an internal memo from the white house that said theyithis knew this was an issue. they knew sending people to the telephones or to an in person call center, working with a navigator would stillu put you through the same bottleneck. everybody is in the same pew. you have to end up on health care .gov. >> so if you want to apply for obamacare you can go to the website, theoretically, fill out an application or call on the phone, but all of the information goes to one hub and that one hub thenan determines whether you are eligible for a subsidee for instance. that's the one hub, and thatnc is not as far as we can tell not working effectively. you are lined up in that cue. >> you can apply in d
for the obama administration is giant. abc news political director rick klein joins us. nice to see you, rick. and what do these numbers mean? >> they are abyss mall. they are horrible. they are really truly awful. this is critical for the whole law. enough people to to sign up for the law for the work. obama administration 500,000 for month one. we are 20% of the way there the problem is the web site isn't even working right now. you would have to pick up the pace substantially. the number you cited about 20 something thousand so far. they need to see 46,000 every day between now and the end of open enrollment -- at the end of march just to get to the target number from the congressional budget office of 7 million. the web site can only handle about half that traffic at any given moment. hard to see how they can make up that ground fast enough with the web site working. >> today with the conference call with secretary sebelius. you were on it. did she say who made up these 106,000 people? obviously if it's the young and healthy, we want those. see people older tend to draw more money than th
to the whole mess. perhaps mr. obama should remember these words. >> read my lips. no new taxes. >> president bush the elder never recovered from that statement. we'll have analysis this evening about mr. obama's current status. [bleep] >> why is the national football league allowing thugs, destructive men run wild? this is becoming a serious problem and we have a follow-up report tonight. also ahead incredibly an american mother allows her 7-year-old son to go trick or treating dressed as a clan member. >> it's supposed to be white with white, black with black and men with women that's what it stands for. >> is it legal on the case. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi oil bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. president obama getting in deeper and deeper. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. it is beyond a reasonable doubt that the president and his administration mislead americans about obamacare. talking points is tired of hearing the president's past statements that we'll be allowed to keep our health insurance
that make obama feel? better off smoking crack than passing obamacare. >> this is getting on my last nerve ♪ obama care by morning ♪ over six served. [ laughter ] >> sponge bob and patrick visit the obamacare web site. [ laughter ] >> sponge bob -- >> obama and obamacare have become a joke. >> the government believes that the fewer options you have in picking doctors and networks the cheaper insurance will be. i frankly think it's the other way around. >> they don't care for us. they want to control us. they are narrowing your choices and as a result measures will be forced to find new doctors, new hospitals, new healthcare providers. nobody cares as much about you as obama and his fellow democrats. and to prove it, they are going to coerce you into living in a way they can control you. >> the house oversight committee releasing documents of so-called stress tests done on the site, the obamacare site, showing it could only handle some 1100 users to date before it launched. >> this was a failure to launch that they knew about on september 30th and went ahead anyway. >> sometimes it isn'
. remember that number. the obama administration well, probably wishes it could forget it. >> these early numbers are embarrassing. nothing short of embarrassing for the administration. they day one six people enrolled. >> probably just overloaded with traffic. >> millions of americans are visiting which is great news. unfortunately the site was only designed to handle six users at a time. >> internal memos are showing that six people only six people signed up on day one of the healthcare exchange program. >> what we learned from selected cherry picked leaks from the republican committee is that there are notes out there from a contractor that make estimates about figures related to enrollees in the early days of this process. >> we do not have any reliable data around enrollment, which is why we haven't given to date. >> now we know why the administration is so secretive about the numbers. >> we don't know if those enrollments occurred. they could have been insiders playing test games. >> we knew there would be low enrollment figures initially. >> numbers don't get better.
incumbent in wyoming. "on the record" is next. >>> did president obama just make this worse for you? >> the fix that the president offered was a political fix for himself. insurance companies were were writing a very confusing letter to their formerly cancelled policy holders. >> he has made a bigger mess and created more. >> this is something that insurance companies and insurance commissioners will make the ultimate decision on. >> the insurance companies, most of them, can't do it, it's too administratively problematic. >> now it's up to the insurance companies and if they don't deliver, they are the bad guys. >> so is president obama's so-called fix helping anyone or just creating chaos? kansas insurance commissioner sandy pragueer joins us. good evening, commissioner. >> good evening. >> so, tell me. >> nice to be with you. >> the president's administrative fix. is this going to solve things in your state? ened i know you are part of the national organization. first for you? >> it's not going to create a huge problem for us. we did have about 9,000 policies, maybe a little more
the record" right now. >>> now, where i went to school 80% was a c. that's what the obama administration is shoeing for, a c? well, they may be lucky they are only answering to the american people and not those nuns. >> the regime's goal is to see 80% of users able to complete their enrollment process by november 30th. >> i think the way to look at that figure is that of, say, 10 who go on the system, roughly two won't get through. >> this thing is failing but this is failing much faster than they expected. >> if the regime today acknowledged a willingness to accept 20% failure rate. >> but, again, the measure will be how many more people can sign up. >> it's beyond the web site. when the web site gets fixed, i think americans are going to be shocked to see there is still a problem. >> they will have to slog it through and fix the web site. >> we will not have a perfect web site as is the case with all complex web sites. >> imagine if a private sector business tried to get away with that. but the regime wants us to sing their praises. over a failure rate that's only 20%. >> i think they
obama's bff's robert gibbs says heads should roll. whose head? who should get fired. republican senator mike leach. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> robert gibbs thinks head should symbolically roll. >> interesting. also interesting to note in this administration about the only ones who do get fired are those who dare to publicly criticize the administration. >> you are talking to the insurance commissioner in washington, d.c. wild idea fix. out the door. fired. >> that's right. much more important question rather than who should get fired and extract a pound of flesh. help people who have been harmed by obama care. people who have lost their jobs or healthcare because of this law. that's where we ought to be focused. >> what do you make of the 80% figure? is that low expectations so that if the white house fixes it so that we are up to 8 a% that you can declare victory on november 30th? or are they drawing another lynn in the sand giving more trouble because we have such high expectations. they told us it would be fixed by november 30th. are they now telling us 80% are they telling us
, this is a erode in the confidence of the ability not just in the obama administration but of president obama himself. even worse the political ramifications it's going to have going throughout the democratic party is going to be absolutely chilling because they can't explain this away anymore. we really do have some problems. so what you are seeing is not just the web site. but the entire policy. hard to call it a law with all these waivers, exemptions and delays that have been granted out there. the american people don't know where this is going right now. and to be 20% failure rate people won't be able to get on it. what does it mean for 20% who are still looking to have healthcare coverage? >> it's interesting to hear the white house talk about it they call it 80% success rate. but, you are right. in one in five people won't be able to get healthcare insurance. congressman, you understand messaging. a hype in reverse. setting us up almost for nothing to happen. what are you expecting come tomorrow? >> i think right now you you saw a president talk about more immigration reform than this c
are finding they are not going to be too pleased. >> email tonight and last night president obama pretty much suggested that the g.o.p. was in the way of fixing these glitches. are you in the way? >> interesting thing is we offered before all of this came out we offered him a pass. we offered him a whole year where he didn't have to go through this individual mandate. none of this that he is going through right now would have happened if he would have taken us up on his offer. and our offer really was during the middle of the shutdown, we were offering a compromise. one year delay of the mandate and he would have avoided a lot of this. >> where does this leave us now? i mean, you know, i guess it might be particularly appalling to the american people to find out that they care more about the media going after them for a web site they knew about wasn't going to work as of october 1. but, what about the american people? where does this lead us? >> well, i don't think it's fix cybil. -- fixable. i will vote to have people not have their insurance cancelled. really, it's too late. what's happened
this comes to fruition and the american people see what's happening. political question of obama in care has been is it going to help more people than this hurts and is it going to hurt more people than it helps. to buy new coverage they are going to have to spend more money and have higher premiums and deductibles that are way way beyond what they can pay. if you have a larger number a group of people experiencing that sort of situation, you are going to have a lot of political energy behind the opponents of obamacare. we have already seen now today we found dramatic change in the public's preference, republicans vs. democrats in the upcoming 2014 congressional elections. there was a dramatic shift towards republicans away from democrats. we have seen what this has all done to president obama's approval rating. just 40% think it can happen. >> a lot of people talking about this is the redistribution of wealth taking effect in healthcare. making winners and losers. do you believe the republicans can capitalize on that in the elections coming coming forward? >> if they can't, they ought to ha
the record" right now. >>> this is a fox news alert. new and more evidence that the obama administration had fears about in the days leading up to the october 1st launch. fox news correspondent james rosen is here with the latest. james? >> greta, good evening. these documents released by the house energy and commerce committee, the g.o.p. controlled panel that had primary legislative oversight over obamacare when it was snaking its way through the congress. among thosen on the sending and receiving ends of some of these emails were henry chow, the project manager for the web site for cmf. the agency with oversight responsibility and also todd park the chief technology officer at the white house. on one email sent on september 26th of this year and received by henry chao, among others, an official at cmf described how, quote: on wednesday, 9/25, the test finished with a lot of errors. he continued the individual app. race and ethnicity transactions were taking a long time and eventually the system reached a break point after which everything started failing. he
a high deductible. it didn't pay for much. it was one that president obama would call inadequate but it paid if i got in an auto accident or got cancer or was severely sick and had to spend a week in the hospital. but, day-to-day i had to pay. but it only cost a dollar a day and i loved it because i was young and healthy and i probably wasn't going to get sick. and that's kind of what we need. young healthy people aren't going to buy expensive obamacare plans because they are going to be pretty expensive. they are going to have high deductibles also. they are still going to be expensive because they have mandated all these things that have to be covered below the deductible. there is all kinds of reasons why young healthy people are not going to like being stuck with poor choices. >> senator, nice to see you, thank you, sir. >> thanks, greta. >> and after today's senate hearing our griff jenkins trying to get more answers from the cmf. >> griff jenkins from fox news. what confidence you can give the american people that its web site will be fixed and secure. >> excuse me. thank y
's just an open door for these fraudsters to come in and take advantage of them. >> so obama and kathleen sebelius have no problem whatsoever making you, when you sign up for obamacare give your most private information to a convicted felon. everybody apparently liked their plans. so why the hell do we have to do this in the first place? >> a lot of people thought they were buying coverage that turned out not to be so good. >> i will remind you some people like to drive a ford, not a ferrari and some people like to drink out of a red solo cup not a crystal stem. you are taking away their choice. >> plans that were in effect in march of 2010 that didn't change to the detriment of the consumer, those are in effect. >> so if you are getting one of these letters, just shop around in the new marketplace. >> it's arrogant. it's arrogant. >>> who knows best what is best for you? you or the government? senator lindsey graham joins us. >> apparently not the government. all i can say is that if this doesn't turn around pretty quickly, president obama is going to lose his second term. democrats are
information tonight and here is a hint, zero on one exchange. can president obama bail himself out of this mess? hit critics are -- his critics are on fire giant who committed the greater fraud? bernie may doff or barack obama? madoff defrauded a few. this is defrauding the entire country. >> he needs to stand up in front of the american people and say i perpetrated a fraud. >> he totally lied. he therefore got his obamacare passed. had congress known this even the democrats would have voted against him jie. i want to -- >> i want to know why we were promised one thing and got another. it is a train wreck. >> anybody who has run anything in their lives can see this a mile away. i have never seen anything as poorly run and incompetent. >> the president of the united states lied to the entire country on the most important thing. the health care and their current plan. >> it is a significant distortion to say that hundreds of thousands of people are being canceled. what is actually happening is they are likely going to get a better plan for less money. >> the fact is that the presiden
the economics. bad structure. older, less healthy. think about. this and if you are sitting in the obama administration, this is giving you nightmares. premiums 2015. by the end of june, have all those people who signed up through the end of march, they will have all that data and they will have settled on their premiums based on the composition of that population. they will settle on them by the end of june. in all likelihood. premium pools looking like they looked today. the premium increases are going to be dramatic for 2015. those notices go out in september and october of next year. just before the election. so, people have signed up, they are unhappy that they lost their existing plan. they have to navigate a new doctor, you a new healthcare professional network. then they get a notice saying, you know, you are already paying more for your deductible and more for your premium. your premiums are going up dramatically in 2015 because the pool who signed up is less healthy and more demanding healthcare and you you have got to pick up the tab. >> karl, i only have a minute left. i know
got worse. new information tonight, here is a hint. zero on one exchange. can president obama bail himself out of this mess? his critics are on fire. >> the president's biggest problem right now is you have got to tell the truth. >> who committed the greater fraud bernie madoff or barack obama? madoff defrauded a few. this is defrauding the entire country. >> he needs to stand up in front of the american people and say, you know what? i perpetrated a fraud. >> he totally lied. he therefore got his obamacare passed now if congress had known this even the democrats would have voted against him. >> i wonder why we were promised a state of the art web site and it's a sunlight dial. >> anyone who has run anything in their lives could see this come a mile away. >> i have never seen anything run so incompetent as what we have watched. >> the president of the united states lie to the entire country on 00 most important thing to people, their healthcare and their current plan. >> it is a real significant distortion to say that hundreds of thousands of people are being cancelled. what's actu
obama and his guests e enjoy thanksgiving tidings of turkey, ham and stuffing and a choice of nine pies. there are likely techies toiling over an obamacare website that is supposed to beg fixed. at least almost fixed this weekend. d. white house correspondent wendell tells us it's a big job getting even bigger. >> as the president and his
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